Guida alla cura dei gioielli in bronzo e argento: mantenere la bellezza nel tempo

Bronze and silver jewelry care guide: maintaining beauty over time

Bronze jewelry

Bronze is a metallic alloy composed mainly of copper and tin, with the addition of other metals. This metal has a long history in art and craftsmanship, and is loved for its corrosion resistance and versatility. Bronze jewelry is often created using casting and craftsmanship techniques, giving it a unique and rustic character.

Silver jewelry

Silver is a valuable metal with a distinctive luster and high thermal and electrical conductivity. Silver jewelry is prized for its timeless elegance and ability to adapt to different styles and occasions. Due to its ductility, silver can be molded into various shapes and intricate details, creating fine and sophisticated jewelry.

Care and Maintenance


Bronze jewelery requires specific care to preserve its appearance and durability over time:

  • Whenever possible, avoid contact with water, harsh chemicals and sweat to prevent corrosion.
  • Clean your jewelry gently with a soft cloth to remove residue and store it in dry places.
  • Use a protective patina or wax to maintain the color and shine of the bronze.


To preserve the beauty and brilliance of silver jewelry, it is advisable to follow these guidelines:

  • Clean your jewelry regularly with silver-specific products or delicate solutions to remove oxidation and polish the surface.
  • Store jewelry in closed cases or bags to protect it from moisture and oxidation.
  • Wear your silver jewelry regularly to prevent tarnishing due to oxidation.

By carefully following these recommendations, you will be able to guarantee a long life for your bronze and silver jewellery, keeping them shining and perfect for every occasion.

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