Find out your size

It can be difficult to find the perfect size for rings since they are such a personal accessory. We have tried to formulate some guiding rules that you may consider and present two methods so that you can find your jewelry size right from home.

First method

What do you need:

To find your size with this method you only need a ruler, scissors and some thread or string.

Cut a piece of thread and wrap it around the finger whose size you want to know. Take care to choose the exact spot where the ring will go and do not overtighten.

Cut the string where it wraps around your finger, take the circumference measurement on the ruler, and compare it to the table at the bottom of the page.

Second method

Print the table

For this other method you need two things: a printer and a ring that fits comfortably.

Download and print the table you find at this link, and follow the instructions written on it.

Or you can find your size by using a precision caliper and measuring the diameter of your finger.

A question of millimeters

Ring sizes are a matter of millimeters. So, if you don't want to take any risks, we recommend that you go to a jeweler and have your finger measured so that he can find the exact circumference.

Size chart

IT measurement Diameter mm Circumference mm
6 14.5mm 45.55mm
7 14.8mm 46.5mm
8 15.1mm 47.44mm
9 15.4mm 48.38mm
10 15.7mm 49.32mm
11 16mm 50.26mm
12 16.4mm 51.52mm
13 16.7mm 52.46mm
14 17 mm 53.4mm
15 17.3mm 54.35 mm
16 17.7mm 55.6 mm
17 18mm 56.55 mm
18 18.3mm 57.5mm
19 18.5mm 58.11mm
20 18.9mm 59.37 mm
21 19.3mm 60.63 mm
22 19.5mm 61.26 mm
23 19.8mm 62.2mm
24 20.2mm 63.46 mm
25 20.5mm 64.4 mm
26 20.8mm 65.34 mm
27 21.1 mm 66.28 mm
28 21.5mm 67.54 mm
29 21.8mm 68.48 mm
30 22.1mm 69.43 mm
31 22.4mm 70.37mm